Charles Lucking

Building Arizona to last for the long haul.

To me, integrity means seeking truth, admitting when we are wrong, and striving always to do what's right. This is how I live all aspects of my life, be it family, citizenship, job, or service. My name is Charles Lucking, and I’m your Representative in the House for Legislative District 5. I'm a fifth-generation Arizonan raised right here in our community. I am driven to find solutions for Arizona because it is my home, my parents' home, my children's home, and the home of my community. We are a family of Public School students. We are a family of artists, musicians, makers, readers and travelers. I love taking my kids hiking in Arizona’s wild places, and it's important to me that they and their kids, and your kids, will be able to do the same.

At the legislature..

  • My primary focus is on creative and diverse solutions to our housing emergency. There is no one solution, and there will not be an immediate fix, but if we do not act now, and act with boldness and an understanding that this is a very complex situation that requires a multifaceted and multilayered strategy, we will continue to sink deeper into an unfolding disaster.
  • I serve on the Commerce Committee and the MAPS (Military Affairs and Public Safety) committees. My background in the private sector, law and finance, and in public service enable me to understand and critically analyze the myriad and diverse bills that come through these committees.
  • I am here for real, long-term solutions for ALL Arizonans, regardless of who you are, where you come from, what you believe and who your personal community is. We are a big neighborhood of small communities, and the work we collectively do builds the Arizona that our grandkids will call home. I’m putting shovel to dirt to make sure that their Arizona is a great one.
Charles Lucking Family